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Energy Saving Tips

Fit adjustable vent covers on your vents. These can be closed over on cold nights but will still let in a small amount of fresh air.

By turning down your thermostat by just one degree you can save up to 3% off your annual heating bill.

Trapped air in Radiators can greatly reduce their performance. You should bleed them regularly.
Our staff will be happy to assist you with this on the day of installation.

Pull your curtains at night time as a lot of heat can be lost through your windows & ensure the curtains are not hanging down over your radiators.

Use extractor fans in kitchens & bathrooms only when they are needed. These fans can extract a large amount of the valuable warm air from your home.

Services » Cavity Wall Insulation

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Cavity Wall Foam Insulation

cavity wall, insulationFact: Up to 35% of heat can be lost through a poorly insulated Cavity Wall.

Cavity Walls are double leaf walls built with 4 inch solid concrete blocks. There is a gap between these leafs known as the “cavity” or “air space”. The width of this cavity can vary in size but is usually between 3 or 4 inches wide. (As per image)

What is Cavity Foam?

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Cavity Foam is a pressurized system that injects Foam similar to shaving Foam into your Cavity under 120Lbs of pressure which then solidifies to form a solid mass of insulation. It expands as it is being pumped into the Cavity and can often be seen weeping out through the smallest holes or cracks especially around windows, doors etc (as per image).

Advantages of Cavity Foam

cavity foam insulation, cavity wall insulation, mullingar insulation

There are many advantages for using Cavity Foam Insulation in your home: 

  1. It will not settle or sag in the Cavity.
  2. It will perform for the life of the building. 
  3. It will not Rot and is Vermin Resistant.
  4. It will not affect any electrical cables or wall ties within the Cavity.
  5. It is a Fire Retardant.
  6. It will not sustain Fungi or mould growth.
  7. Increases BER Rating and the value of your home.
  8. Can be installed with the minimum of fuss usually within one working day. 


 By a quick free of charge inspection we can determine if you have any level of insulation present in the cavity walls of your home.

Empty Cavity Wall

Cavity wall example

In Ireland today there are still thousands of houses with no insulation at all in the cavity. By injecting Cavity Foam Insulation into these walls it will leave you with a far warmer house and greatly reduce your fuel Bills.


Has your house got empty cavities?

If the answer is “Yes” by injecting your Walls with Cavity Foam Insulation you will greatly increase your homes heat and comfort levels & benefit from reduced fuel bills. You home will continue to hold heat long after your heating is switched off. The cost of insulating your homes walls can pay for itself in as little as Three Years.    


Cavity Walls with Aeroboard

Since 1980 Cavity walls normally had some level of insulation fitted at the construction stage.The insulation fitted was often thin sheets of Aeroboard which does not meet the current standards and requirements of insulation today. Its performance as an insulation depended solely on the workmanship of the builder. If this Aeroboard was not fitted tight against the inner leaf of the Cavity it can have little or no effect as an insulation. Gaps left between the Aeroboard sheets were also a big problem. We commonly come across homes with poorly fitted Areoboard and it is not unusual to find large sections of cavities with no Areoboard fitted at all.

Can Cavity Foam help improve this? 

“Yes”. This is the where cavity Foam really outshines all other insulation systems on the market today. Bonded bead and blown mineral wool are low pressure insulation systems. Warped and poorly fitted Aeroboard sheets can greatly obstruct their ability to flow around the cavity. 

Cavity Foam Insulation is a high pressure system. It will easily push Areoboard sheets tight against the inner leaf and fill up the remainder of the Cavity. Cavity Foam will get into all the nooks and crannies where other insulation products simply can’t reach insuring you the homeowner a completely full cavity. This will greatly increase the thermal performance of you outer walls and leave you with a nice warm cosy home, which will cost much less to heat